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Moving has always been a crazy exciting thing for me. I love the new beginning, the change, and the ability to have a whole new adventure. Maybe its because we moved so often growing up, and I loved the anticipation of starting fresh.
Not only that there are so many amazing things about this move. We are downsizing so that next summer/fall we can buy our first house. I am so excited to be working toward this goal, especially since its not something I ever imagined wanting. This move plays a large role in the goal of buying a home. We will be able to save money, pay off debt, and all the things. Plus, I love the idea of living in a smaller place and growing closer as a family. Oh, and did I mention, we moved to a small town?! I love small towns and the easy going pace there. I am excited to experience small town living with our family and as a parent. I think this year is exactly what our little family needs to really grow together and refocus on what is truly important.

All that being…

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