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Great Falls Park Challenge

So to start with I have to give credit where credit is due, this amazing challenge was created by Megan, but we have had the best time participating.

So it's almost summer, the weather is getting warmer (fingers crossed anyway), and kids are getting antsy. So what do you do? Well if you are local and looking for something fun, I highly recommended joining the #greatfallsparkchallenge and enjoy some amazing hidden treasures. If you aren't local, then you should make your own park challenge, because it's pretty awesome.  The rules are simple, go visit a park, have fun, do something crazy like have a picnic, or just enjoy some unplugged time with your family. If you feel like it take a picture and post it to social media with the above hashtag (this way everyone can follow along).  Really, its that simple!
 But if you want to be really crazy, I highly suggest grabbing some glow sticks, and bracelets and playing after dark. We took our crew and the cousins for an after dark pa…

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