Day 2: parks, markets and pictures

Today was a good day filled with a full slate and a ton of walking. This morning Ladybug and I went to the farmers market with my sister and some of her family. I love the farmers market. Honestly, I wish I lived somewhere that has outdoor markets all the time. The sights, the smells and the noise; it's like an organism for the senses. With the expert help of my amazing Ladybug, I found a ton of fresh produce to use this week. Of course, we also had to buy cute new pony tail holders and pork on a stick as a treat. After the market we went to the park with my sister and niece. We also meant my amazing husband and our littlest there were we attempted to get pictures of the girls. Which is like treating a hungry shark with a tooth ache. The girls are three and one (my littlest an niece are 6 weeks apart) and were more interested in playing and avoiding the camera. Luckily, I have a very talented husband and we managed to get some very adorable pictures of them. After a much needed nap time, my little family and I went on a walk at the duck pound and fed the geese, swans and ducks. This is one of my favorite pastimes and is such a simple joy. The girls light up when there and Ladybug is the funniest. She lectures the ducks about not sharing and gives the patient ones bread first. So, I got a ton of walking in today for a workout and I have eaten healthy for the most part. But more importantly, I got to enjoy family time and my heart feels lighter today.


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