Day one the begining

My name is Holly and this is my journey. I am hoping that by committing to write this blog and be honest it will help me lose weight, become healthier and live a more full filling life. 
 So let me tell you a little about me. I am a wife, and mother first. For the most part I am a stay at home mommy for two beautiful and amazing little girls (Ladybug and Giraffe) I am also the wife of a wonderful hubbins, who works hard to support our family. I also work very part time front desk at a local hotel. My life is full of craziness and fun. I enjoy all my little adventures, except I am out of shape and over weight. For me it is time to get control of my health and make changes. 

I will be loading a picture later but to start with, I'll be honest at present I am 304lbs which is 154lbs over where I want to be. I am going to try and write in this blog everyday with my weight lose goals and progress. To start with I want to lose 20lbs in the next month. I will be working out everyday. I plan to use my zumba and get fit work out DVD's and doing a running for beginners program. I also will be eating healthier and documenting all my calories and food intake. These are my goals for fitness.

However, my life is not all about getting fit so I also plan to use this blog to talk about my life and all the things that are going into it. Also, my progress on living a more full filling life. My goals here are to do a craft every week with the girls and to spend more time outside away from the electronics. 

I know this first blog is a little crazy but its just a start and I promise the others will be less unfocused. Thank you to everyone who is willing to go along on this crazy ride with me!!! 


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