A different direction

Thinking I might have to start over. This blog isn't really going where I want it to. Yes, getting fit is a priority but being a mom and raising my girls is my number one. I love being a mom; its my dream job actually. I feel sad a depressed when I am away from them and like I could fly to the moon when with them. That being said, everyday is an adventure, a busy crazy full of insanity adventure. My girls have the most beautiful blond curly hair and their mommy's redhead attitude problem. They are full of feisty stubbornness. So, I want this blog to be about life; my life.

This week has been full of ups and downs. There is this major choice hanging over my head. My dad and step-mom moved back and I'm dealing with giving up caffeine. So needless to say, my emotions have been on a see-saw. They go way up in the air where I can feel the wind rushing through my hair. And then I fall back down urgently pushing off so I can soar again. I suppose if I dealt with the unresolved issues I would feel more leveled out, but that's not how I roll.

So, my good friend has offered me a job working for her. It sounds great. A nice change and not overly demanding. I would still work a few hours each week and primarily be a stay at home mommy. However, I know this job, and I know that its not what it seems. This could easily turn into a very demanding situation with a ton of hours and a crazy work load. Am I up for that? Is that even something I want? I believe I can handle it and do pretty good with it. But I so don't want the extra responsibility. My hubbins and I worked very hard to get me home with the girls. I don't want to give that up, ever! Though, it would be nice to have a change of pace and do something out of my comfort zone. The biggest kicker and what makes this so hard is she's my good friend. I really value our friendship and the easiness of it. I don't want to ruin that friendship. And working together could easily make it go south fast. Any advice would be oh so helpful!!!!

The lack of caffeine is a recipe for disaster! I did really good the first week but now its making me cranky and bitchy giving it up. My poor husband has taken the brunt of it though. Thankfully he is understanding and so supportive of my weight loss goals. He supports me completely and helps keep me on track.

On a bright side tomorrow, well now actually, is the fourth of July. I am so thankful for all our troops who have given and continue to keep my freedoms. It will be so nice to celebrate with my little family and just relax. Parade, shopping, fish fry with friends and then fireworks!!!! I am so excited and will post pictures later this week! Probably after the kiddos and I arrive safely at my mom's house on the 5th!!!!

So, if you read this please comment. Tell me what you want to hear more about. And the next time I hope to add stories of my life as mommy and the adventure to YAYA'S!!!!!


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