Girl Time

One of my favorite time of the day is getting ready to go. The girls and I gather into the bathroom and have some good ole fashion girl time. It's truly one of the best parts of having two beautiful little girls. The bathroom is filled with laughter and girl talk...well, the toddler version of girl talk. Today I learn that Ladybug now has a prince who helps her and the dragons on so many adventures. I discover that Jozy Giraffe wants to be a super hero. We sing silly songs and giggle over crazy hair.
Girl time is so special and sacred for me. It's something I hope we do for a long time. As they get older we will talk about school, boys, friends, and everything else. I hope that these moments lay the ground work for them to be able to come to me with any secrets. And of course, I love teaching them about style, hair and make-up. It's one of the many great things about being a mommy of blondes with redhead attitudes!


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