Hubbins and I are sorting through our basement this weekend. It's a project we've been talking about tackling since we moved in two years ago. So as you can imagine its only gotten worse and resembles a minor case of hoarders. But I've finally convinced him it's time to get started.

As we go through boxes, I find myself floating through memories of the past. I am whisked back in time to break ups, family fights, proms, wild times, and lots of laughter. You can't escape your past. I've learned that lately. All you can do is learn from it and grow

I've also discovered that what once was the most important thing in my life. Things that I needed more than anything. Well it's all irrelevant now. Because the only life altering moments, the only 100% can't live withouts center around my girls, around my marriage and around my little family. I love my great big loud family but my past, my memories, only encourage me to make a better future.


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