New Puppy, New Me

So, the last few weeks have been a see-saw of emotion for me. I have days were I am soring through the air and feel on top of the world. But like a see-saw I eventually fall back down to earth. I am working through some family dramas, some past complications and some personal wars. However, I know that with the wonderful support group I have things will be ok.

I've started walking in the mornings before my hubbins goes to work. It's the most wonderful way to start my days. I get to clear my head, distress, and get a good exercise in! I'm hoping to start the couch to 5k next week but want to get in the swing of walking first. On top of that I am eating better.....or at least trying to. I find that I tend to not get enough nutrients when I focus on losing weight. This is by far my biggest down fall. The first step in admittance, right?

So exciting news! We have a brand new member. An adorable little puppy named Chase (Chaser). I love him! He makes the best walking companion and knows just when I need a little extra snuggles. Plus, for the most part he is great with our two rowdy lil girls. Ladybug thinks she can carry him all over the house and just loves to love on him. Where Jozy Giraffe is a little more stand offish at times but she is getting there. Chaser thinks Jozy is another puppy he can play with and chew on. Jozy thinks he is a mean biting machine. I'm hoping soon they will find a happy medium but only time will tell.

Though life as a mom is great these days. Even when both girls are in full redhead mode. For two very blonde little girls they certainly have their mama's redhead personality. But it makes life interesting because there is NEVER a dull moment around here. Aidan turns 4years old in exactly three months. It breaks my heart to think she in now a little girl not a baby or a toddler....But a little girl! I love watching her grow up and I cant wait to see what kind of lady she will be. I can wait though. I don't know why 4 is so hard for me. Maybe its because that's the age she can start school, she no longer wears baby clothes, and she can be part of all these other activities. I'm super excited about her birthday party though.We will be having a Pumpkin Patch Party! Ladybug loves pumpkins and fall. Which makes an October birthday perfect for her! I do love throwing them birthday parties and celebrating all of their accomplishments for the year!
Ladybug and Chase playing
Ladybug w/ Daddy when she was a week old and on Father's day 2012

It's so strange to see how much time has gone by but that's life, isn't it? So for now I am going to focus on the good memories and making as many of those as possible! 


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