Dont make mommy repeat herself......

I am literaly writting this post sitting on my couch with my baby sittging on the couch back grabbing everything she knows she cant have and mommy moved out of reach two minutes before when she was near the table and with my oldest switching from tormenting the poor puppy to being chased and scared by the now riled up puppy who wants to play. I rotate between telling my oldest to leave Chase alone and moving things out of the baby's reach. This has been my day! (WHY IS MY V NOT WORKING ON THE KEY BOARD!!????)

You don't really appreciate your parents until you've had a day like today. I don't know how many times I heard my mom repeat the phrase, "if I have to say that one more time...." as a child I always took those "one mores" for granted. I never stopped to think just how bad a time I'd given my mom. All the gray hairs I must have given her and the ulcer I'm sure my brothers and I caused. Now however, I am in her shoes, though with two kids they are flip flops compared to the stilettos she was wearing with four strong willed children. I wonder if at the end of the day she prayed for strength the way I do or wished for a glass of something adult rated? If she repeated the mantra "I love my children, I love my children?" Maybe she just tried to focus on the little bright moments of the day. Either way, I am in awe and admire all her strength and unending love.

On the flip side, I also remember being a kid and try finding a balance for them. Because you only get to be a crazy gray hair causing kid for so long.


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