Fair Fun

This last week was crazy but so much fun. I used to go to the fair for the rides, the noise, the recklessness of it all. Usually with a group of friends and on opening night. Now as a mom, I go on the coolest and less crazy day of the week. I go for the stores and exhibits. But mostly I go for my girls; to see the excitement light up their faces! They had so much fun. Ladybug danced from ride to ride pulling anyone she could with her. Of course, she broke mommy's heart just a little by being brave and old enough to ride rises by herself. She's no longer my little baby. She now a brave, strong willed little girl and I do not like it one bit. Then there's Jozy who seems to be growing up twice as fast. She nearly climbed out of the stroller in order to keep up with big sis. She's always trying to be as big, as brave and as Ladybug as her sister. Though I hope she knows that being Jozy is a wonderfully perfect thing for her.


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