Many blessings

I know that  I already wrote a blog today but that one seemed rushed and short to me. One of my goals is to slow down and really focus on the important things in my life. I am a very blessed person and wanted to take a moment to talk about all those little blessings.

Hubbins is sweet, kind and loving. Our relationship has certainly had its rough patches but at the end of the day I find my strength with him. I don't tell him often enough and certainly don't show it, but on my worst days I have hope and light because I know that soon enough I will be in his arms. This is the one place were the world seem calm and at peace.

Then there are our two breath taking little girls. They truly are gifts from God. I am not sure I will ever feel deserving of the blessing they have had on my life. Everyday their endless love encourages me to be my best. Ladybug is so creative and smart with an imagination greater than any author or artist. She paints our lives and world bright vibrant colors and keeps everyday an adventure. And then my little Giraffe, oh how I've waited to see your personality. To seethe kind of girl you would be. Now that it is starting to appear I can see that like your sister your personality had strong qualities of love and caring. Though unlike your sister who seems to burst with light you sparkle. You two are my priceless jewels, my gifts touched by angels. And teach me to embrace the little things. To take each moment and hold it close. My heart bursts every time you guys say "I love you."

My little family is my haven. They keep me saw and level. Though they are not my only blessings. I am over joyed to have my large loud family to keep me on my toes and to shove me down a straight-ish path. My friends (the few close ones that I keep near to my heart) except me and rejoice in my strangeness. They keep my life filled with laughter and allow a reprieve from the day to day woes. Each person in my life has helped shape me and give me perspective on the things that are important. I am a blessed girl and thank God everyday for each of you! Thank you for blessing my life!


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