These three days a week are my enemy it feel like lately. They are days filled with running around, cleaning, naps, school and work.They are a black hole of responsibilities and time. I feel like I don't get nearly enough time with my family, especially my little Ladybug. Now that she is in preschool four hours Mon-Fri these first few days of the week are torture because I miss out on so much time with my baby girl, who is growing like crazy and learning something new everyday. On the plus side, I hope to start volunteering on Mondays or Tuesdays which will allow me to be in the classroom with her and helping her in this new stage. So that only leaves two dreaded days of the week.....Boy, do I sound like a spoiled toddler today! I am sorry for that, and I do know that I am a lucky mommy because I get four blessed days off to be Mommy and love on the girls. I also know that not every parent is as lucky as I am to get that time with their kids. So maybe I should focus on this instead of the three bedtimes I miss out on or the dinners I cant be at. I should embrace the mornings filled with giggles and dancing. The school pick ups filled with excitement and wonder, of stories ready to be told of a day filled with adventures. My new goal is to look for the bright side, to focus on the happy moments and the time I get to spend with my wonderful little family!


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