The end of Ladybug's first chapter.....

Where did all the time go? That seems to be a typical question for parents. Its as though little gremilins sneak into the house at night and spin the clock hands forcing time to move at the speed of light. Making childhoods shrink to moments shorter that the blink of an eye. As a mom, I've always tried to embrace each stage of my kids' lives, take too many pictures (if there can be too many,) and live in each moment. I look fondly on the memories and mile stones they've made, while seeing the excitement the future holds. That being said, for the first time, I truly wish I could pause life and enjoy the littleness just a little longer.
Ladybug started school today. It was her first day of preschool and although she has many more years to go, I am so sad to see her come to this chapter in her life. The pride and excitment seems to pour out of her in the purest rays of sunlight. And even though it is only her first day and I seem to hold my breath the four hours she isnt with me, I know this is the right choice for her. She has so much potential and an unending love of learning. I just cant believe she is here, old enough and ready to make this first step on her own adventure. I know that I wont always be a leading role in her story and she has to be able to grow and write her own path, but it is one of the hardest things I can do as a mother. I am left praying I have taught her to be a good and loving person. I have instilled the confidence in herself and ablities she will need. 

She is also now a dancing queen. She went to her first dance class this past Saturday and is a natural. Though I am not surprised, she was dancing to the rhythm even when I was pregnant with her. Though it is yet another mile stone this week that is filled with mixed emotions, I am delighted to see her take such love in something that I love as well. 

 I am a very proud mommy this week and excited for the fun this year will bring. My see so much potential in my little girl and cant wait for the new memories we will make. But I am sad to see the toddler chapter of her life being to close as she opens the next one.......


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