Raising Blondes with Redhead Attitude

Raising Blondes with Redhead Attitude

Wednesday, October 31, 2012


It's a little late but I wanted to wish everyone a Happy Halloween. I hope it was a fantastic day! I will write more later as I am tired and going to cuddle my wickedly adorable lil witch.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Hay ride//Mommy w/ Bday Bug
Daddy&Bug//Make a wish

This past week marked the start of the marathon months. November and December seem to be getting busier and busier as the days go on. However, I cant complain too much because to be completely honest I am very much looking forward to all the great happenings. But I will write more on those events as they come up. So, back to this last week! Wednesday was Ladybug's 4th birthday and I am still trying to figure out where all the time went. When did I become a mom of a little girl, not a toddler or baby, but a little preschooler? The day was filled with hay rides in freezing weather, pumpkins (carving and decorating), Tinkerbell, and Bug's favorite dinner. By bedtime we were all exhausted and ready for a good nights sleep.
Halloween Preview

This weekend was a Halloween preview. There was trick or treating at Harley Davidson (Hubbins' work), dance class Halloween party and then a spontaneous of the moment Halloween theme surprise party for one of our family friends. Monday night I got a text from a good friend saying she wanted to throw a surprise party on Saturday for her son's 5th birthday. This is like putting a wire in a light socket when it comes to me....I LOVE PARTIES! The planning, the decorating and watching all the happy faces during the party. This party was no exception and I have to admit that I helped get the ball rolling but V rocked this party. She did an amazing job with very little help from me. Though I did make mummy dogs for the first time that turned out super cute!!!! And later this week I will posted pictures of our new living/dinning room set up that my fantastic hubbins did for me on Sunday.
Surprise Bday party for a friend

I hope everyone else has a great week, mine will be filled with work, Bug's first field trip, cleaning and organizing the house (again) and lots of laughs!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Happy Birthday, Ladybug

The day she was born

My dear little Ladybug,

Today you turn four years old! The last four years have been filled with so much love and joy. There have been so many ups and downs but I wouldn't change a single moment (except maybe to have more of those moments and less busy life). When you were born I would hold you at night just to hear your little breaths and touch your soft hair. I would sit and wonder how I was blessed with the most precious of gifts! I would marvel at my luck of having a perfect little girl and wonder what kind of person you would grow into! At first you were quiet and seemed to soak up everything around! Your big eyes would see the world and I could see the wonder you found there. As you grew into a toddler, your personality began to shine through and you became adventurous and feisty. You seem to have no real fears and a wealth of determination (or stubbornness depending on how you look at it). You are very much a queen bee and like to have things your way, but you care deeply for others! I know that you will conquer all your dreams and will be GREAT at whatever it is you choose to be. At the moment its a doctor princess. 

Ladybug, I owe you so much. You helped me find my purpose, my patients, and my happiness. I became a mommy the day you were born and the first moment I saw your beautiful face, I knew that I had found my home! One day, you will be a mom too and will experience the insane joy of holding your heart in your arms!  You little Ladybug, are my first great accomplishment! You are one of my two master pieces! I am internally thankful for everything you have given me and look forward to watching you grow and learn! 

All my love,

Happy 4th Birthday

Monday, October 22, 2012

Pumpkin Patch Party

This past weekend we had Ladybug's 4th birthday party! She is in LOVE with pumpkins and three months ago when we started thinking up plans for her party she requested a pumpkin patch bash! Of course, I quickly fell in love with the idea as well and started collecting ideas, and dream up fun activities. I do have to admit that this party gave me a few bumps in the road. I struggled with getting super excited, and seemed to procrastinate more than usual. Not from a lack of imagination or excitement about my little Bug's birthday, but because this was the ending of her toddler years. She has already started preschool and in height out grown the baby/toddler clothes section. And now she is turning four. She is officially a big girl. No longer my little baby or toddler. I have to admit I still dread Wednesday and her actual birthday. But back to the point as I know I will write about all of this on her real birthday! 

As always her party was filled with loved ones and good friends, but this was the first time we had real kid activities not just crazy playing and hyper kids. From the moment Ladybug asked for a Pumpkin Patch Party, I knew I wanted to have the kids decorate their own pumpkins to take home. Originally I was going to get real ones but while at the dollar store I stumbled across Styrofoam ones. I figured the kids would be able to keep them for longer this way. I filled a basket with glue, stickers. eyes, and other fun goodies for decorating. Next time however, I will be using hot glue or super glue since the one I had did not stick all that well. 

I also wanted to do pumpkin bowling with toilet paper and a small pumpkin, but since we were using the conference room at my work, I was afraid of the pumpkin breaking. I can only do so much clean up. I was a little disappointed and tried to think of something else for the kids to do. Finally, at one of my last minute trips to Target I found "pin the nose on the pumpkin." It was $5.00 and well worth it. The adults even joined in on the fun. 

Hot drink bar 

Of course there were presents and I made Pumpkin cupcakes. We also had a hot drink bar (hot chocolate and apple cider) complete with all the toppings and some yummy food, including a pumpkin chex mix. I also made little pumpkin labels for all the food, some banners, and paper pumpkins for the food table. Sadly, in all the crazy I wasn't able to get pictures of the decorations before the party and was only able to snap a few at the end. 

The kiddos decorating away
Pin the nose on the pumpkin
w/ my pretty niece
Birthday girl 
What was left of the cupcakes

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Bedtime stories

One of my dearest jobs as mommy is bedtime stories and songs. From the day they were born I've loved those sweet moments. The rest of the day slips away into the shadows and a soft glow seems to descend on us. It feels like a scene from a story book and my love seems to grow even more of its possible.

Tonight was one of those special moments. I tell the girls stories about the brave Princesses Ladybug and Giraffe. They go on epic adventures and attend fairy tale balls. They save the day regularly and are friends with all the creatures of their world. Ladybug adores these stories and ask for them regularly and I am more than willing to indulge her. And tonight after the princesses saved the fairy world, my dear sweet Ladybug told me her own story of the princesses completely with a queen Mommy. My heart fluttered and glowed in those moments. As she spoke with an imagination to rival some of the greats, all the stress and exhaustion was erased. My mind and heart were soothed by my special little lady. I am so proud of my girl!!!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Warning a little whining and looking for sympathy

This week has been a little crazy and its only Tuesday! Its birthday party week in my house. Which basically means that I am going a little more crazy than normal making lists, working on projects, shopping and stressing! This time more so because I am trying to be more crafty and budget wise. Growing up my mom always made a HUGE deal out of birthdays. I have such great memories of birthdays mine and my brothers. By far the best was her genius "Fear Factor" party for my little brother. It wasn't even my party and I remember having the time of my life and a house filled with laughter and gross sounds. As soon as the sleepless nights, and crazy newborn things wore off (around 7 months) I dreamed about all the fun I would have planning out parties and creating memorable events for my girls!

This year is no exception. For Ladybug's 4th party we are creating a pumpkin patch, one that has to be able to become an indoor party at the drop of a hat and with a rather small budget...... So, here I am with four days to go squeezing in planning and crafting between work, volunteering at Ladybug's school ( I will have to do a post on those little adventures of preschool class volunteer.)

This is my to do list at the moment:

1.Finish photo booth props (put on poster board, cut out, attach to something)

2.Finish my shopping (food and last minute decorations)

3.Finish paper pumpkins for decor (about a zillion more of these are needed!)

4.Make banner (this may or may not happen.)

5.Make sugar cookie pumpkins and decorate

6.Make pumpkin patch cupcakes

7.Start making food for party (mostly just chip dips and a pumpkin patch chex mix)

8.Make labels for food and Hot Drink bar

9.Figure out something for water

10.Hollow out small pumpkin for veggie tray ranch holder

So, yes, this list doesn't seem to long and there are a few things I can take off of it. But I wont at least I will do my best to get it done along with all the other duties I have being a mommy, wife, and aunt  Because yes, there are still football games, dance classes, school, cleaning and oh so much more to do!


Side note: I am back to drinking my shakes twice a day and since I am also using vitamins, I am feeling so much better and energized! YAY ME!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

My kind of flowers!

It's been a long week of very little sleep and a lot of stress. However, my weekend has been a wonderful destresser.

Yesterday, I spend a girls day with my sister, niece and Ladybug. Aunty got to watch Ladybug do her thing at dance class. Little Boo was the sweetest little fan of her cousin and wanted to dance with her. (I've said it before I am sure, but watching my girls grow up with their cousins is one of my many blessings!) Then we were off to lunch and the salon so my sister can have her hair done. (If you live in or near Great Falls, I strongly recommend checking out Johanna at Studio montage. She is fabulous!!!) It was a long process filled with very tired and then very wired little girls, lots of cuddles, truck loads of patients and many giggles. Of course, we shopped and had Chinese food for dinner (Hubbins and lil Bean meant us for dinner too). All around it was a wonderful Saturday.

Then today, my amazing husband, who is not a buy me flowers or candies randomly kinda guy, did the most amazing thing! He took both girls to the store so I could shower in piece. I was able to stay in the warm misty shower till the hot water ran out; I shaved my legs in piece even! Then we had a nice relaxing day watching movies and playing.

It was my kind of flowers to make me feel better!!!!

Monday, October 8, 2012

Fun times

Lately, I am feeling very blessed in all the little moments and joys of life. I love that I live so close to two of my nephews and my niece. I get the pleasure of not just watching my girls grow up but my siblings' kids as well. I feel so lucky to be able to attend flag football games, fight evil zombies, and have girly days with such wonderful kids. I wish that my newest nephew lived closer so that I could love on him and shower him with all my attention. But I hope that soon I will be able to meet him! So, here are a few of my favorite pics from the last week of mostly my girls and a little sneak of one of my darling nephews!
Play time giggles
Little fans//Break from play
Coffee(Italian Ice) date//Dancing Queen
Ladybug's Ladybug friend
Play with me instead of mop the floor

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Me time

I can't remember the last time I had two minutes to potty in peace much less a whole day to myself. As a whole I love being mommy. I love the lack of privacy and exhausting daily craziness. I love the herding kids around the store and a five minute errand last half an hour. I often forget how much all those seemingly annoying moments matter to me. I miss the girls and all their antics and chaos. I miss them fighting over the bathroom stool while I am trying to go potty. I miss them bringing every toy they own into the kitchen while I am cooking so it becomes an obstical course. I miss all those spastic moments just as much as I miss night time cuddles, morning kisses, and the random "I love you" moments.

However, as much as I miss them it was so wonderful to have some me time. I got to enjoy coffee with a great friend and not need to chase kids through the coffee shop. To focus more on what my friend is saying than my 4yr old getting into something or my 2yr old climbing walls. It was very nice to run errands and only take half an hour to do them ALL. To go to a store and buy something for me without feeling guilty because they didn't get a treat for good behavior. But the best part was taking a 15min shower and taking my sweet time getting ready. Oh and going down a pant size!!!!!

So, I miss my babies like crazy but thinking its not so bad to take a little me time now and then!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Snowy days!

I love that Ladybug took after me and LOVES the snow! We didn't get a ton of snow this round and not much is expected, but unlike a lot of people, I am excited for the snow to come. Of course, having a snow Bug who is all but bursting at the seams with joy and keeps running to the window to make sure we still have snow, it's hard to not be excited. I love making snowmen. Sledding, snow ball fights and snow angels. I love how peaceful a calm the world looks covered in a blanket of snow or how a blizzard is majestic (as long as you are inside safe watching it). This year I have two little snow bunnies and can't wait to play!!!!!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Before the snow....

Since the weatherman says we will have snow tomorrow (which I am actually excited about) I decided to take the girls to the park between preschool and work today. I love taking the girls to the park and enjoying their easy laughter, imaginations, and glee at the simple pleasures of slides, swings, swaying bridges and rock walls. Today was no different in that aspect, however it was the first time the girls played together in unison at the park. Ladybug would wait with an enormous amount of patience (for her) for little Giraffe to catch up. They would go down the slide together run with high spirits to start over again. Ladybug proudly helped her sister climb equipment much to big for her and encouraged lil sis to bravely conquer her obstacles it was the sweetest thing and made my heart sing! It was a perfect half hour and a much needed reminder of how sweet and perfect my life is when I stop dwelling. The girls really are my shinning stars guiding me back to Neverland.