Bedtime stories

One of my dearest jobs as mommy is bedtime stories and songs. From the day they were born I've loved those sweet moments. The rest of the day slips away into the shadows and a soft glow seems to descend on us. It feels like a scene from a story book and my love seems to grow even more of its possible.

Tonight was one of those special moments. I tell the girls stories about the brave Princesses Ladybug and Giraffe. They go on epic adventures and attend fairy tale balls. They save the day regularly and are friends with all the creatures of their world. Ladybug adores these stories and ask for them regularly and I am more than willing to indulge her. And tonight after the princesses saved the fairy world, my dear sweet Ladybug told me her own story of the princesses completely with a queen Mommy. My heart fluttered and glowed in those moments. As she spoke with an imagination to rival some of the greats, all the stress and exhaustion was erased. My mind and heart were soothed by my special little lady. I am so proud of my girl!!!


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