Before the snow....

Since the weatherman says we will have snow tomorrow (which I am actually excited about) I decided to take the girls to the park between preschool and work today. I love taking the girls to the park and enjoying their easy laughter, imaginations, and glee at the simple pleasures of slides, swings, swaying bridges and rock walls. Today was no different in that aspect, however it was the first time the girls played together in unison at the park. Ladybug would wait with an enormous amount of patience (for her) for little Giraffe to catch up. They would go down the slide together run with high spirits to start over again. Ladybug proudly helped her sister climb equipment much to big for her and encouraged lil sis to bravely conquer her obstacles it was the sweetest thing and made my heart sing! It was a perfect half hour and a much needed reminder of how sweet and perfect my life is when I stop dwelling. The girls really are my shinning stars guiding me back to Neverland.


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