Pumpkin Patch Party

This past weekend we had Ladybug's 4th birthday party! She is in LOVE with pumpkins and three months ago when we started thinking up plans for her party she requested a pumpkin patch bash! Of course, I quickly fell in love with the idea as well and started collecting ideas, and dream up fun activities. I do have to admit that this party gave me a few bumps in the road. I struggled with getting super excited, and seemed to procrastinate more than usual. Not from a lack of imagination or excitement about my little Bug's birthday, but because this was the ending of her toddler years. She has already started preschool and in height out grown the baby/toddler clothes section. And now she is turning four. She is officially a big girl. No longer my little baby or toddler. I have to admit I still dread Wednesday and her actual birthday. But back to the point as I know I will write about all of this on her real birthday! 

As always her party was filled with loved ones and good friends, but this was the first time we had real kid activities not just crazy playing and hyper kids. From the moment Ladybug asked for a Pumpkin Patch Party, I knew I wanted to have the kids decorate their own pumpkins to take home. Originally I was going to get real ones but while at the dollar store I stumbled across Styrofoam ones. I figured the kids would be able to keep them for longer this way. I filled a basket with glue, stickers. eyes, and other fun goodies for decorating. Next time however, I will be using hot glue or super glue since the one I had did not stick all that well. 

I also wanted to do pumpkin bowling with toilet paper and a small pumpkin, but since we were using the conference room at my work, I was afraid of the pumpkin breaking. I can only do so much clean up. I was a little disappointed and tried to think of something else for the kids to do. Finally, at one of my last minute trips to Target I found "pin the nose on the pumpkin." It was $5.00 and well worth it. The adults even joined in on the fun. 

Hot drink bar 

Of course there were presents and I made Pumpkin cupcakes. We also had a hot drink bar (hot chocolate and apple cider) complete with all the toppings and some yummy food, including a pumpkin chex mix. I also made little pumpkin labels for all the food, some banners, and paper pumpkins for the food table. Sadly, in all the crazy I wasn't able to get pictures of the decorations before the party and was only able to snap a few at the end. 

The kiddos decorating away
Pin the nose on the pumpkin
w/ my pretty niece
Birthday girl 
What was left of the cupcakes


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