Happy Birthday, Ladybug

The day she was born

My dear little Ladybug,

Today you turn four years old! The last four years have been filled with so much love and joy. There have been so many ups and downs but I wouldn't change a single moment (except maybe to have more of those moments and less busy life). When you were born I would hold you at night just to hear your little breaths and touch your soft hair. I would sit and wonder how I was blessed with the most precious of gifts! I would marvel at my luck of having a perfect little girl and wonder what kind of person you would grow into! At first you were quiet and seemed to soak up everything around! Your big eyes would see the world and I could see the wonder you found there. As you grew into a toddler, your personality began to shine through and you became adventurous and feisty. You seem to have no real fears and a wealth of determination (or stubbornness depending on how you look at it). You are very much a queen bee and like to have things your way, but you care deeply for others! I know that you will conquer all your dreams and will be GREAT at whatever it is you choose to be. At the moment its a doctor princess. 

Ladybug, I owe you so much. You helped me find my purpose, my patients, and my happiness. I became a mommy the day you were born and the first moment I saw your beautiful face, I knew that I had found my home! One day, you will be a mom too and will experience the insane joy of holding your heart in your arms!  You little Ladybug, are my first great accomplishment! You are one of my two master pieces! I am internally thankful for everything you have given me and look forward to watching you grow and learn! 

All my love,

Happy 4th Birthday


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