Hay ride//Mommy w/ Bday Bug
Daddy&Bug//Make a wish

This past week marked the start of the marathon months. November and December seem to be getting busier and busier as the days go on. However, I cant complain too much because to be completely honest I am very much looking forward to all the great happenings. But I will write more on those events as they come up. So, back to this last week! Wednesday was Ladybug's 4th birthday and I am still trying to figure out where all the time went. When did I become a mom of a little girl, not a toddler or baby, but a little preschooler? The day was filled with hay rides in freezing weather, pumpkins (carving and decorating), Tinkerbell, and Bug's favorite dinner. By bedtime we were all exhausted and ready for a good nights sleep.
Halloween Preview

This weekend was a Halloween preview. There was trick or treating at Harley Davidson (Hubbins' work), dance class Halloween party and then a spontaneous of the moment Halloween theme surprise party for one of our family friends. Monday night I got a text from a good friend saying she wanted to throw a surprise party on Saturday for her son's 5th birthday. This is like putting a wire in a light socket when it comes to me....I LOVE PARTIES! The planning, the decorating and watching all the happy faces during the party. This party was no exception and I have to admit that I helped get the ball rolling but V rocked this party. She did an amazing job with very little help from me. Though I did make mummy dogs for the first time that turned out super cute!!!! And later this week I will posted pictures of our new living/dinning room set up that my fantastic hubbins did for me on Sunday.
Surprise Bday party for a friend

I hope everyone else has a great week, mine will be filled with work, Bug's first field trip, cleaning and organizing the house (again) and lots of laughs!


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