Me time

I can't remember the last time I had two minutes to potty in peace much less a whole day to myself. As a whole I love being mommy. I love the lack of privacy and exhausting daily craziness. I love the herding kids around the store and a five minute errand last half an hour. I often forget how much all those seemingly annoying moments matter to me. I miss the girls and all their antics and chaos. I miss them fighting over the bathroom stool while I am trying to go potty. I miss them bringing every toy they own into the kitchen while I am cooking so it becomes an obstical course. I miss all those spastic moments just as much as I miss night time cuddles, morning kisses, and the random "I love you" moments.

However, as much as I miss them it was so wonderful to have some me time. I got to enjoy coffee with a great friend and not need to chase kids through the coffee shop. To focus more on what my friend is saying than my 4yr old getting into something or my 2yr old climbing walls. It was very nice to run errands and only take half an hour to do them ALL. To go to a store and buy something for me without feeling guilty because they didn't get a treat for good behavior. But the best part was taking a 15min shower and taking my sweet time getting ready. Oh and going down a pant size!!!!!

So, I miss my babies like crazy but thinking its not so bad to take a little me time now and then!


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