My kind of flowers!

It's been a long week of very little sleep and a lot of stress. However, my weekend has been a wonderful destresser.

Yesterday, I spend a girls day with my sister, niece and Ladybug. Aunty got to watch Ladybug do her thing at dance class. Little Boo was the sweetest little fan of her cousin and wanted to dance with her. (I've said it before I am sure, but watching my girls grow up with their cousins is one of my many blessings!) Then we were off to lunch and the salon so my sister can have her hair done. (If you live in or near Great Falls, I strongly recommend checking out Johanna at Studio montage. She is fabulous!!!) It was a long process filled with very tired and then very wired little girls, lots of cuddles, truck loads of patients and many giggles. Of course, we shopped and had Chinese food for dinner (Hubbins and lil Bean meant us for dinner too). All around it was a wonderful Saturday.

Then today, my amazing husband, who is not a buy me flowers or candies randomly kinda guy, did the most amazing thing! He took both girls to the store so I could shower in piece. I was able to stay in the warm misty shower till the hot water ran out; I shaved my legs in piece even! Then we had a nice relaxing day watching movies and playing.

It was my kind of flowers to make me feel better!!!!


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