Warning a little whining and looking for sympathy

This week has been a little crazy and its only Tuesday! Its birthday party week in my house. Which basically means that I am going a little more crazy than normal making lists, working on projects, shopping and stressing! This time more so because I am trying to be more crafty and budget wise. Growing up my mom always made a HUGE deal out of birthdays. I have such great memories of birthdays mine and my brothers. By far the best was her genius "Fear Factor" party for my little brother. It wasn't even my party and I remember having the time of my life and a house filled with laughter and gross sounds. As soon as the sleepless nights, and crazy newborn things wore off (around 7 months) I dreamed about all the fun I would have planning out parties and creating memorable events for my girls!

This year is no exception. For Ladybug's 4th party we are creating a pumpkin patch, one that has to be able to become an indoor party at the drop of a hat and with a rather small budget...... So, here I am with four days to go squeezing in planning and crafting between work, volunteering at Ladybug's school ( I will have to do a post on those little adventures of preschool class volunteer.)

This is my to do list at the moment:

1.Finish photo booth props (put on poster board, cut out, attach to something)

2.Finish my shopping (food and last minute decorations)

3.Finish paper pumpkins for decor (about a zillion more of these are needed!)

4.Make banner (this may or may not happen.)

5.Make sugar cookie pumpkins and decorate

6.Make pumpkin patch cupcakes

7.Start making food for party (mostly just chip dips and a pumpkin patch chex mix)

8.Make labels for food and Hot Drink bar

9.Figure out something for water

10.Hollow out small pumpkin for veggie tray ranch holder

So, yes, this list doesn't seem to long and there are a few things I can take off of it. But I wont at least I will do my best to get it done along with all the other duties I have being a mommy, wife, and aunt  Because yes, there are still football games, dance classes, school, cleaning and oh so much more to do!


Side note: I am back to drinking my shakes twice a day and since I am also using vitamins, I am feeling so much better and energized! YAY ME!


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