Raising Blondes with Redhead Attitude

Raising Blondes with Redhead Attitude

Monday, November 26, 2012

Monday, Monday

So, we are all still sick today and yesterday was spent sleeping and watching movies. So, I am not doing an in depth post but wanted to share some pics from the weekend.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Girls fashion

One of the best parts about being a mommy of girls is dress up. And boy, do we LOVE to dress up. Both my girls are little fashionistas with their own style and attitude. I wanted to share some of my favorite outfits since I am going through pictures. Enjoy and let me know what you think.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Mr. & Mrs. Willmarth

This last week the whole family traveled across the crazy snow covered mountain pass to celebrate my brother's wedding! I have to say it was worth all the stress from last week. I am so glad Kiddo has found her soul mate. She is beautiful and kind, really just all around amazing. I love the laughter they share and the pure love you see when they look at each other.

The wedding was beautiful and so thought out. They had a candy bar with various size home made boxes to take some home, gorgeous white canopies with just small hints of rusticness. Really it was remarkable and my mother made a fabulous cake. I am always amazed by her mad skills and creativity! I wish I had taken better pictures or at least had a better camera.....(hint hint, birthday/Christmas gift hint hint) but the whole night was so much fun. Everyone was so friendly and it was pleasure to meet everyone there. Of course, a high point was seeing my oldest brother! He flew in from Virginia for the wedding and it was great to see him and have him meet Lil Giraffe and see Ladybug again. 

All in all it was a fabulous wedding and you two shine with LOVE! 

Dancing with Dude//Bug loves the bride & groom
Bug & Uncle Aaron//Jozy stealing candy
Cool sign//top of the cake
wedding cake//beautiful view
Dorks//Mom & her kids
Dad & his kids//All 5 of us
Big bro &Sis to be//Oldest bro & Mom
Bride&Groom w/ his mom and dad//Grandparents
Groom w/ parents//escorting mom
Waiting//Getting ready
Playing w/her uncles//Me & the girls
Handsome nephews//Beautiful girls
All ready

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Gotta brag a little

So today was our first ever parent/teacher conference. I have to admit that I was very nervous. I believe our Ladybug to be extraordinarily smart and did not want that belief to be shredded. Also, I am prone to over thinking and worrying. I know shocker! Anyway, I was happily surprised and my heart filled with pride when her teacher not only told me our little Bug scores the best in her class on their "tests" (or whatever they call them), but that in many subjects was at the level of a kindergartener!!!! That's right, my baby in a genius!!!! Now, if I can only get her to focus a little more she could take over the world! Mwahahahaha....!!!!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Random happenings

Its been a crazy couple of weeks filled with a lot of fun, stress, and craziness. Of course, this is just the start since we have my little brother's wedding ( I am super excited about this!!!!), birthdays, dance recitals, holidays, oh my! So, let me feel you in on the happenings of the last couple of weeks. I have been busy organizing my house and though it feels like I am doing so one drawer or box at a time, I can see and feel the improvements. We rearranged the living room and it feels more.....zen. I will post pictures of it once I get everything in its rightful home. The days have been filled with park time (since winter will be here soon) and getting things ready for the coming business.

Little book worm//love that face
goofing off at dinner out//Slide race

Ladybug also had her first field trip and bus ride on Oct. 30th. Her class went to Petco to buy fish! The whole week before she talked nonstop about FINALLY getting to ride the bus and how she couldn't wait to see the fish. My mother in law watched lil bean so that I could go on the trip with her. It was so worth it! Her excitement was contagious and she made the simply pet store seem like a safari ride. Her favorite part was getting to pet the snake. "It felt creepy!" I am so glad that I am blessed to be working part time and able to experience 

The rest of our week was filled with a girls shopping trip with my sister and niece, dance class and general goofing off. Hopefully, I will be starting on their Christmas tutu outfits next week as well as some fall decorating and Christmas crafts. 

Ballerina//Cousins shopping
Little mouse//Love my style
My little fashionista
my costume//movie night
friends house goofing off

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Playing it old school

I love sharing pleasures from my childhood with the girls. Little things that leave huge imprints on my life. Things that seem to have been forgotten in the technology age. Tonight, I got to show the girls what "cellphones" we're like when I was their age. How we communicated from bed to bed or room to room. That's right I made them a cup phone. And watching their joy and hearing the laughter the simple little toy brought them did my heart good. Because I want my girls to learn that you can find happiness in the most plain things. It seems so easy for society to get caught up in the new and shinny to forget about how great life was when you came home when street lights came on, you drank from the hose on a hot summer day, or the instant pleasure a letter in the mail was. These are things I want my girls to have.