B's birthday and Bug's first dance

Sorry that the pictures are all jumbled up but posting them on mobile and then coming to the computer apparently makes things a little wonky. Anyway, last weekend was another busy one. Ladybug had her first two dance recitals and we celebrated, my nephew, B's 4th birthday!

I love that Ladybug is so into dancing and gets excited every weekend to go to class. I've always been a huge fan it! So going to her recitals last weekend (Sat. at a retirement home and then her big one Sun.) was one of the most amazing experiences. She did fantastic on stage and when we watched the other dancers she was in awww. I think we found a hobby or activity that will be a big part of our little girl's life!

B turned 4 on Dec. 6th and we celebrated Saturday night with a Batman party. My older brother went a little crazy with the decorations but truly that's half the fun of kid parties. Though for me the very best part was watching my older brother and nephews interacting with our grandparents. It show just how far we've all come as a family over the last year. Of course, watching B get super excited about his Iron man mask from us was a very close second. I love him so very much and cant get over how quickly he is growing. I'm sure he will grow into one amazing man one day!
B & Bug with the life sized batman
My brother & Grandfather// Grandma and G

The girls under our tree

Birthday party fun

Ladybug at her recital


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