Dec 13th

I am now 25 years old! It doesn't seem like that can be quite right most days. In truth, if you ask me what my age is, most days it takes a moment for me to remember. I usually end up adding however old Ladybug is to 21. There are days when I feel so much older than I am and days when I feel like I am too young to be this age. However, I am now 25 years old and in so many ways, my life began 4yrs ago. I've always thought of life as a series of books. You know, the kind where it all centers around one character but the stories aren't always the same or don't really equal out to each other. Where some characters stick around from beginning to end and some fade away at the closing on one book. For me that's how I see things. Sometimes, I feel like my memories are disjointed and don't seem to connect to the person I have become now. Almost like if you jumped into a TV series at the end of its final season and then go back and watch the first couple of episodes from season 1. The main characters don't always match up to who they were at the end. (Or maybe that's just me.....) Anyway, I certainly don't feel like the girl from five years ago nor do I think I would recognize myself in her. Or the girl from ten years ago for that matter. Like I said, I feel like life for me began the day I had my oldest, two months shy of 21.

Some days I feel like I should be going through some crazy need to have my wild 20's and others I feel like I am fresh out of high school waiting to take on the world. Then one of my little ladies wakes up or comes into the room and it doesn't matter what my age is because I am a mom. Or my husband comes home from work and kisses me like he's been dying of thirst all day and I am a cool drink of water (sorry, couldn't help the simile there!) Maybe that's why I forget my age regularly or struggle to feel my age....Because at least to me it really is just a number. I have a great life and a treasure room filled with wonderful memories of my past. Do I have some dark ones I prefer to not look at EVER sure but then again who doesn't? No, I am loving this book in my series. I am loving being a mommy and wife! I look forward to the days I am old and gray! To the days I get to rock our grandkids to sleep and hubbins and I are winkled and walking with canes. I can certainly wait and wish time would go a little slower but I am so not dreading any of it!

Sorry, this is all so disjointed. The best part about my blog is I can simply write my thoughts so that is what I did!


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