Great Grandparents

Last Thursday evening we spent some time with each of my grandparents. I don't spend nearly enough time with them honestly and I get reminded of this every time I see them. Not because they say something (even though they do) but because my heart eases a little bit when I am up there. Watching my girls grow bonds with their great grandparents and see the love between them. I know that time is short and no one really wants to talk about it. But the truth is, they won't be around forever, as much as I wish they could be. So it's so important for me that the girls create these memories and emotions with them now. For me to embrace and savior each little blessing I receive when I get to feel their hugs and see the smiles on their faces. So, the goal is to visit them as often as possible for as long as possible so we can create many more memories. I love you all so very much!


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