North Pole Breakfast

Sunday we did our very first North Pole Breakfast. I actually got the idea from here. Though, we are NOT doing the Elf thing as it creeps me out. The whole doll watching everything you do and then tattling on you... not cool, not cool! But that is a whole other tangent which I will more than likely go off about before the end of the holiday season. 

Anyway, back to the subject. I feel in love with the idea of a magical breakfast sent from Santa or his elves to kick off the holiday season. I love all the childhood magic and faith Christmas time brings. The girls light up whenever we see a house decorate with lights, or someone even breaths the name Santa Claus. This is also the first year both girls are really into the spirit of the season and can grasp the joy of it all, so I wanted to start new traditions. 

Little Giraffe woke up extra early which meant so did Santa's lil helpers. They decorated our table with mini snowballs, homemade trees (they stole these from my shelf), snow covered donuts, reindeer kisses, fun place mats and special Santa kisses for each girl. Our special elf friends are named Glitter and Sparkle and we will be seeing more of their magic work as the season goes on. 

Both girls got swept up quickly in the magic and took a few moments to see the surprise gifts Santa had sent too. Though, Lil Giraffe was WAY more interested in Elf snowballs and Glacier chocolate milk. 

I love the look of pure magic on Ladybug's face when she saw the table. The little sleepy head was wide awake in a flash when she spotted the magical table and has talked non-stop about her "Santa" breakfast. 

The girls each got shirts to wear when we go see the Jolly fellow later this week and jiggle bells straight from Santa's sleigh. It was the perfect beginning to our Sunday and the start of Christmas season. I believe this is a something we will be doing every year and the start of our new tradition. 


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