Raising Blondes with Redhead Attitude

Raising Blondes with Redhead Attitude

Sunday, January 27, 2013


Sunday is by far my favorite day of the week. There's no errands, classes, or craziness to attend to; in fact the only thing that I really have to do is laundry. Plus, Hubbins gets off early enough for us to have some family time in the evenings. The girls and I usually spend the day in pj's or dress up clothes. We have tea parties or build Lego castles. Or we have days like today were its all about cuddles on the couch and movies. I get to spend some one on one with each of the girls and experience all their feisty and ever growing personalities. Its like a recharge before the week begins and my stress level seems to become unpredictable and nuclear! During nap time I can focus on some of the bigger house organizing projects or just sit and watch a mommy show and relax.

Today is MUCH needed. Since little Bean and I both woke up feeling cruddy and I had a minor break down before Hubbins left for work, a relaxing day was in order. I need a reboot and thinking nap time with the girls in a mommy essential today!

Yeah, I had so much more to say about this but since my mind is completely blank all of a sudden I am going to help the girls finish picking up, tuck them in and curl up on the couch with zone off to show. I hope you all are enjoying your Sunday!

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Week update and more 365 photos

We've had a pretty awesome week around here. Nothing major but then again it's little things that make life worth it (do I sound like a broken record yet?). the girls and i went on a play date to one of Ladybug's dance buddies houses. It was amazing to have some mommy time and for the girls to have girl time. It brightened my mood immensely. The other moms were so awesome and I'm not sure who is more excited about the next play date Ladybug or me! Today we made gingerbread(crackers) trucks with Ladybug's preschool and then had an AWESOME photo shoot for the girls valentine cards. We will be sending those out instead of Christmas cards as a new tradition. I'm so excited to get them in. I have to say we are very very lucky to have such an amazing photographer in our little family. If you are in search of one I would gladly recommend my Hubbins (please ask for more info)!!! Otherwise it was a normal happy week here with a great weekend coming up!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Late night snuggles leads to deep emotions

There's a special bliss that comes with being a mom. As babies my favorite moments with the girls were late night snuggles. There's a certain magic light in the softness of those moments. All the stress melts away and I can simply think and be inspired. Maybe it's the feeling of being a woman who is graced with the love of a small child and the ability to hold your heart and soul in your arms. Even now, these moments speak directly to my heart.

I have so many ideas and dreams rolling around in my head these days. I want more. Don't get me wrong, I love being a mommy and wife. I love the life Hubbins and I are making, our family and friends. But I feel like I need a new adventure, a new challenge or path. Something to discover with in myself. Maybe I should get back into serious writing, or go back to school. Focus on my love for party planing or my dream of opening a children's boutique.

Has anyone else ever felt like their life was at an impasse (maybe that's not the right word but fork just seems so simple and easy). Hmmmm..... Maybe it's time for soul searching and finding the strength to take that leap and have faith I will find my path. I believe there is something great out there for me and I'm so ready to reach out and take it. No more excuses. I WILL FIND MY PATH!!!!!!!

Sisterly love

Have you ever stumbled across one of those moments with your kids where you know you are raising them right? I did today. Actually, I've been blessed with LOTS of those moments lately but this one just filled my heart with love. After taking the girls and puppy for a walk, and coming home rather quickly due to lil giraffes melt down, we decided that she needed a longer nap. However, lil giraffe strongly disagreed with this (we are entering terrible-I mean- terrific twos a little early). I left the room in hopes that she would calm down. As I walked back out to the living room, I hear Ladybug singing to her little sister and talking sweetly trying to get Sis to quiet down and rest. I snap this picture so I would remember how sweet their love for each other is and be able to remind them just how important having a sibling is.

Friday, January 18, 2013

random thought......

As I sit writing this my youngest is running around banging on every surface with a light up wand, my oldest is tying all the shoes together to build a fort for her toys, my dog is barking at every sound and my head is pounding. And even though I very much want to send them all to separate rooms or get upset and demand silence, I am enjoying every headache inducing moment. Because all too soon the house will be quiet and the girls won't fight over my hugs and kisses.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

More 365 (my version)

Photos not in any order really or any specific day, since my goal isn't to capture each specific day but to really catch all the tiny little breath taking moments that make my life special. So here are pictures of Lil Giraffe in some of her many and ever changing personalities, of Ladybug being her spunky little self and some moments that standout and remind me why I am so very blessed.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Day 11

Cold weather mornings are perfect for building Lego houses, cars, giraffes and more. I spent a great morning just giggling with the girls and building castle in the sky(well in Bug's case rainbows) I loved listening to Bug's intricate stories she made up about her Lego people and watching Lil Giraffe's face light up when she built something new. It was a perfect morning and one I will treasure always.

365 day5-10

Here's an update of my 365. Sorry the photos might be wonky since I'm mobile. They are my new hairstylist (bug), lazy lunch days with lil Giraffe, fun poses, excited for snow, my cool new valentines shelf (I don't have a mantel) and the awesome book from awesomer friends. So far 2013 may have its bumps the little things sure are making it spectacular!!!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

I've thought a lot about this post over the last couple of weeks. What I wanted to say, how I truly felt, what I really want.....All of these questions playing tag in my head. With the new year, I reevaluate myself and the person I am. I can say that I don't want to change who I am but I would like to better myself. Become the person I would be proud to have my girls look up and model.

One of my biggest fears is to fail my children. In many ways, I know that I will succeed. I will always love them deeply, be there no matter what the circumstances are, and do my part to keep them safe and happy. However, I worry that I wont be able to help guide them into becoming well round women. Women who are strong and confident without being cocky and mean. Who help those around them whenever/however they can. Who stand up for themselves and their dreams without walking over others. Both of our little girls have such strong personalities and stubborn wills, that some days I worry how they will be as they get older. Who they will affect and whether it will be positively or not. So, when I talk about being a better person, these are the qualities I strive to improve.

I struggle with finding balance between my needs (selfish though that can be) and the needs of others. I struggle with take time to embrace the little moments and find beauty even in the grayest of days. I struggle with finding my confidence without feeling the need to be cocky. And I struggle with so much more. So, I have thought A LOT about what to do, how I should make this changes.

And then today, I stumbled on this blog post, Drops of Awesome. It felt like an answer to my unspoken prayer for guidance. It held the very thing I was looking for, along with the realizations that I am already the person I hope my girls will become. Not every moment or even every day, but by simply striving to be better. By all the moments I do good things and praise those around me, I am being a better self. So, now my goal is to remember to fill my bucket of awesome. To enjoy each victory, to make the good things stand taller and stronger above the bad and to help my girls focus on their awesome too.

Saturday, January 5, 2013


When I started this blog it was for the purpose to lose weight and the blog was just suppose to be another tool to help. And that hasn't exactly worked (though the awesome gift from my mom really has). And then I wanted it to be a funny commentary of  life as a mom with adorably stubborn girls..........Now, its the place I go to release my inner writer, scrapbooker, and craziness. So with 2013 starting with a BANG, I have thought about all the things I really want to document, what is truly important to me. I have a few blogs who I stalk daily and for awhile tried to get my blog to resemble them, but it turned out feeling disjointed. I was trying to write about things I thought would be interesting for others to read but not what I really wanted it to be. So, my 2013 goal with this blog is to be more real, to write what I want to not what I think someone else wants to read, and to remember that all the little bitty moments can sometimes be more important to remember. So, I am going to do a 365 photo challenge (and hopefully finish it this time) but only focus on the smaller things that happen. I am great at documenting the big things in our lives but really want to be able to have those precious moments where the girls are pouting, or throwing a fit, where they are secretly laughing together or fighting mercilessly, moments where my husband does something cute or funny and thinks I am not watching. Really all the little day to day things that make life perfect and beautiful.

Day 1: 4 of the 6 kids that own my heart
Day 2: Left over Christmas crazy and Bug playing her game

Day 3: Photographer in training

Day 4: This is what shopping looks like