When I started this blog it was for the purpose to lose weight and the blog was just suppose to be another tool to help. And that hasn't exactly worked (though the awesome gift from my mom really has). And then I wanted it to be a funny commentary of  life as a mom with adorably stubborn girls..........Now, its the place I go to release my inner writer, scrapbooker, and craziness. So with 2013 starting with a BANG, I have thought about all the things I really want to document, what is truly important to me. I have a few blogs who I stalk daily and for awhile tried to get my blog to resemble them, but it turned out feeling disjointed. I was trying to write about things I thought would be interesting for others to read but not what I really wanted it to be. So, my 2013 goal with this blog is to be more real, to write what I want to not what I think someone else wants to read, and to remember that all the little bitty moments can sometimes be more important to remember. So, I am going to do a 365 photo challenge (and hopefully finish it this time) but only focus on the smaller things that happen. I am great at documenting the big things in our lives but really want to be able to have those precious moments where the girls are pouting, or throwing a fit, where they are secretly laughing together or fighting mercilessly, moments where my husband does something cute or funny and thinks I am not watching. Really all the little day to day things that make life perfect and beautiful.

Day 1: 4 of the 6 kids that own my heart
Day 2: Left over Christmas crazy and Bug playing her game

Day 3: Photographer in training

Day 4: This is what shopping looks like


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