Late night snuggles leads to deep emotions

There's a special bliss that comes with being a mom. As babies my favorite moments with the girls were late night snuggles. There's a certain magic light in the softness of those moments. All the stress melts away and I can simply think and be inspired. Maybe it's the feeling of being a woman who is graced with the love of a small child and the ability to hold your heart and soul in your arms. Even now, these moments speak directly to my heart.

I have so many ideas and dreams rolling around in my head these days. I want more. Don't get me wrong, I love being a mommy and wife. I love the life Hubbins and I are making, our family and friends. But I feel like I need a new adventure, a new challenge or path. Something to discover with in myself. Maybe I should get back into serious writing, or go back to school. Focus on my love for party planing or my dream of opening a children's boutique.

Has anyone else ever felt like their life was at an impasse (maybe that's not the right word but fork just seems so simple and easy). Hmmmm..... Maybe it's time for soul searching and finding the strength to take that leap and have faith I will find my path. I believe there is something great out there for me and I'm so ready to reach out and take it. No more excuses. I WILL FIND MY PATH!!!!!!!


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