Sunday is by far my favorite day of the week. There's no errands, classes, or craziness to attend to; in fact the only thing that I really have to do is laundry. Plus, Hubbins gets off early enough for us to have some family time in the evenings. The girls and I usually spend the day in pj's or dress up clothes. We have tea parties or build Lego castles. Or we have days like today were its all about cuddles on the couch and movies. I get to spend some one on one with each of the girls and experience all their feisty and ever growing personalities. Its like a recharge before the week begins and my stress level seems to become unpredictable and nuclear! During nap time I can focus on some of the bigger house organizing projects or just sit and watch a mommy show and relax.

Today is MUCH needed. Since little Bean and I both woke up feeling cruddy and I had a minor break down before Hubbins left for work, a relaxing day was in order. I need a reboot and thinking nap time with the girls in a mommy essential today!

Yeah, I had so much more to say about this but since my mind is completely blank all of a sudden I am going to help the girls finish picking up, tuck them in and curl up on the couch with zone off to show. I hope you all are enjoying your Sunday!


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