Week update and more 365 photos

We've had a pretty awesome week around here. Nothing major but then again it's little things that make life worth it (do I sound like a broken record yet?). the girls and i went on a play date to one of Ladybug's dance buddies houses. It was amazing to have some mommy time and for the girls to have girl time. It brightened my mood immensely. The other moms were so awesome and I'm not sure who is more excited about the next play date Ladybug or me! Today we made gingerbread(crackers) trucks with Ladybug's preschool and then had an AWESOME photo shoot for the girls valentine cards. We will be sending those out instead of Christmas cards as a new tradition. I'm so excited to get them in. I have to say we are very very lucky to have such an amazing photographer in our little family. If you are in search of one I would gladly recommend my Hubbins (please ask for more info)!!! Otherwise it was a normal happy week here with a great weekend coming up!


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