Blinks and winks

Every day is filled with a million choices. Some good some bad, some selfish some selfless, and so many more. Today I made the choice to play with Lil Giraffe and have some serious cuddles and laughter. To let dishes, laundry and daily chores play second string to block building, books and rest time(because she was not about to give up a second of solo time with mommy today). I miss my Bug dearly and can't wait to give her a great big hug (because yes even just one night seems like an eternity when they are away), however it's been nice bonding with little sis. She becomes a whole new character when it's one on one. Her full spark takes center stage and I get a glimpse at what goes on in her busy brain.
I plan to have more of this with each girls. Because as the saying goes "when I'm old I won't be saying 'I wish my house was cleaner' but 'I wish I spent more time with my kids'" Its true they are only tiny for so long, will only want to spend a morning cuddles with mommy and Mickey Mouse for a blink of the eye of life. So I am going to embrace every blink and wink for that matter.


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