Today is the day everyone celebrates love in some way or another. Or at the very least thinks about love. I have such mixed feelings about this day. Truly love should be celebrated every day, just like you should be thankful everyday as well. But I can't help but loving this loving day. Not because of flowers or candies, but because I am blessed with an huge amount of love!

From my wonderful husband who cares and loves me more than I could ever imagine. Who handles my crazy with great skill and excepts me for who I am. We've gone through a lot of speed bumps and scary caves. Yet, with every passing day I feel as though our love grows stronger and stronger. He is my best friend and soul mate.

From our two beautiful little girls. They constantly surprise me with their pure love. The no strings love they share with Hubbins and me is breath taking. They bring constant joy and laughter, as well as teaching me patience and remembering to believe in magic.

From my parents who have put up with my attitudes, drama, and a plethora of other things. Who can make my day brighten or encourage me with the simplest of words. They have supported me and taught me how to love. I am doubly blessed because I have two bonus parents. I may not always see eye to eye with them but they bring a whole new level of love to my life. The best part of the love my parents have is watching it grow and triple when it comes to our girls.

From the rest of my family and dear friends. You each bring a special love and blessing to my life. From encouragement and laughter to advise and honesty.

There is so much more I wanted to say, but my headache is back in full swing so I'm making this short.

Here are some pics from our valentine adventures.


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