Pixie dust sprinkled life

Lately I've been reading a couple of blogs, ok maybe stalking is more accurate. I'm not a self help or advise book kind of person. I find them disconnected and unrealistic. However, there is something about a mom blog that speaks to me. These blogs give me inspiration to look at life from a different angle. I feel like I'm letting little tiny problems get under my skin and let it breed there. It's a trait of mine that I truly hate.

So the last few days I have tried very hard to focus on the good suprising moment. Like yesterday, after a terrible two melt down from locking the girls and me out of the house. The girls reminded me that sometimes a special moment can be found in the unplanned. We enjoyed lots of giggles and girl time over pretzels. We went on a blissful unexpected adventure walking to hubbin's work and home.

Truly this weekend has been really up lifting and I want more of those magical pixie dust sprinkled glimpses of life.


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