Raising Blondes with Redhead Attitude

Raising Blondes with Redhead Attitude

Sunday, March 31, 2013

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Thursday, March 21, 2013


I recently started reading the blog "Enjoying the Simple Things." (I will try to remember to get online and add a link). Anyway, the blog and her book "bloom" have touched my heart in the most extraordinary of ways. I've begun to see life and people differently. Not in a bad way but in this sunshiny and rainbows kinda way. She has given the world access to such strong emotions and miraculous memories. Anyway, she writes about her entire family and their journey with Down Syndrome and since today is national Down Syndrome awareness day I wanted to share not only her blog but what I have learned from it.

Yes, there are many struggles when it comes to Down syndrome but there is also great joy and strength as well. Some of my fondest high school memories are volunteering in the Learning Center my senior year. It is the program for special need kids at one of my high schools. The experience was so rewarding and eye opening. Two of the kids had Down syndrome and the way they embraced all of life was astonishing. They constantly smiled and looked at their world as perfect and wonderful. They left such deep marks on my heart and as I look back and remember the moments teaching and assisting them, I feel blessed to have experienced it all.

We should always remember that different is good. Perhaps even magical. I believe that God has blessed the world with these special souls to show us how to embrace life. How to believe in good always and seek love. Because yes their are struggles but I have yet to see an person of any means who doesn't struggle. So today help spread the word.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Children's museum field trip

I had started a very long post about all the fun the girls and I had on Bug's class field trip yesterday and then the blogger app erased it all. Grrrrr...... So this is going to be a little shorter.

One of the joys of being primarily home is participating in all of Ladybug's fun school activities, especially field trips. The excitement is very contagious and at times I feel like a kid again. The anticipation for this particular field trip had been building for weeks since it was too one of the kids favorite places. The children's museum is basically a giant open room (two rooms if you remember to go upstairs) filled with various "learning through play" activities. Since its also indoors, the museum is a favorite around here.

The class had a blast running from one area to the next. Ladybug quickly discovered dress up and put on a fashion show with friends. Other kids played with the car ramps, put on puppet shows or gave away money at the bank. The clear favorites however were the doctor area and "pirate" ship. I am pretty sure Ladybug could easily end up in the medical field. She LOVES to play doctor and is really very smart when it comes to it. Lil Giraffe just loved to pretend to drive a fire truck and sail the ship. She really had more fun playing on everything imaginable.

It was a great afternoon followed by some one on one with lil giraffe while daddy and ladybug went to a friends to work on the car.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Happy Birthday, Lil Giraffe!

Dear Lil Giraffe,

Wow, 2yrs old! I can't believe how quickly time has flown by. I remember every moment of the week leading up to your birth, the excitement and the worry. The moment the doctor announced I would be induced four weeks early, and how over joyed I was to meet you early and all the worries of the million things that could go wrong. I learned quickly that I didn't need to worry. You my lil Giraffe are a stubborn and feisty little girl, and like the special day that shares your birthday, you are a lucky charm. You were born perfect and happy!
March 17th, 2010// Hours old

I've heard other parents say how they have an unique relationship with one of their kids and I suppose that is true. I know that my relationship with you unique and special (just like the one with your sister is in its own way). In the last two years you have taught me a new level of patience and love. You are my cuddlier and lover. Always wanting one more kiss or hug, but as we begin to enter the toddler years I know that you will become more independent. You already are. Lil Giraffe, you want to take on the world already, and you are strong, feisty, stubborn and smart. I have no doubts you will be able to do so one day. But for now, mama would appreciate if you let me help you more. You seem to be growing up faster than your sister did. So quick to do what she does and so willing to become a big girl. Although, last night you helped make my heart grow again. Leaving a friend's house you grabbed my hand and said "I mommy's baby." You are and always will be.

After having your sister, I didn't think my heart could grow any bigger or stretch anymore. And then I held you in my arms and our eyes connected. My simply doubled to create more room for the love I have for you. I look so forward to watching you grow and seeing the woman you will become! I know that my heart will continue to grow with all the love I gain each day from you and your sister and nothing will ever change that.

So today, Lil Giraffe, I will hold you a little longer, snuggle you a little tighter, and shower you with kisses. I will smell your sweet baby smell and memorize all your wonderfully emotional faces. I will hold on to my baby and embrace the toddler you are becoming. Happy Birthday!

I love you, Lil Giraffe!

Love, Mommy

Lil 2yr old!

Friday, March 15, 2013

The terribly terrific twos

I am not a perfect mom nor do I pretend that I am. So in turn, I don't expect to have perfect kids. That would be massively boring anyway. However, today, oh today how I wish that for just five minutes, my very fiesty lil almost 2yr old would be calm and easy. No, I have a stubborn, ornery, wanna be redhead. One moment she is jumping from her sister's headboard to an inch away from sister's sleeping head and the next she is sweetly snuggled in daddy's chair reading a story. She switched from full blown trantrum to smiling sweet heart quicker than a pregnant woman. I love her and she keeps me amused and forever in motion, but oh do I miss her sweet snuggle baby days.

There really is no reason for this post by the way. Except that I want to remember the crazy gray hair creating days as much as the sunshine and lollipop days. Because I know they won't last too much longer and I will miss these times.

Sunday, March 10, 2013


This has been such a crazy busy week but I love this challenge. It makes me take time and really try to catch the perfect image each week. I want each picture to show each girls personality.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Nap time

Nap time has begun to take on a new and wonderful level of joy for me. With the best of intentions, I always lay both little girls down for a nap together. Ladybug does in fact still need a nap since she gets very cranky around 5p without one, however she has a very sneaky (and I have not yet figured out how, nor do I really try too) way of sneaking back out to the living room for some one on one snuggle time. We talk and play or watch a show together. The couple of hours are filled with laughter and love. I always loved nap time because not only did it give the girls a chance to recharge, but I was able to do so as well. Now however, I look forward to weekend nap time. I get excited for ladybug and my mommy/daughter time.

I love both my girls equally and with all my heart. But I do so love the time I get to spend with each one on their own. They become completely new children and their personality shines through. I have worked hard on my mommy guilt. On remembering that I need me time or that it's ok to not be perfect always. Lately, it's about finding balance with the girls. I work on the guilt of not being fair with my time or not showing each of them how important and needed they are to me. I have to remind myself that it's good, even great for them to have some solo time with mommy or daddy. That I am a better parent for giving them each their moment to shine and bond. So, nap time is quickly becoming Ladybug time and its a whole new level of bliss.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Oh spring how I am ready for you!

I am usually a winter lover. The snow, the layers of clothes and oh the hats and scarves. I truly love winter weather and would simply cry if we ever move to a place that doesn't have it. That being said, this winter has be awful. First off, Mother Nature needs to make up her mind. Either have an easy winter or a harsh one. No more back and forth, up and down craziness. And two, I would be oh so appreciative some in between weather. You know the kind where there is snow everywhere, and people can bundle up to make snowmen and angels. Weather that is cold enough to get the snow the perfect snowball and fort building consistency but warm enough you won't have hyperthermia after ten seconds of going outside. I want so badly to take the girls sledding and build a little white fluffy family. Spends an hour or two giggling and digging tunnels through the snow drifts. Alas, this winter has not allowed any real snow fun (unless you snowboard or ski ). We have either had insane freezing blizzards or warm melting weather.

I have begun to yearn for spring. Long walks along the river, hours at the park, and picnics. I am a true sucker for a picnic! I want to go exploring the mountains and camping. Oh how I want to take a camping trip. Find a farm or ranch with baby animals to let the girls "oh"and "ah" over and see the ducklings at the pond. Having Easter so early this year makes me want spring time that much more. So to help my craving, I am embarking on spring cleaning and will go get fun flowers to decorate my house. I will dress the girls and myself in yellows and pastels. On warmish days, I will throw on coats and spend some time by the river. And soon, oh so very soon, spring will begin to break through.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Saying yes and tea party pics

In the midst of all the crazy, I have started being adamant about saying "yes" to the girls. If they ask for a tea party or to go to the park. The answer is yes. If they ask for one more bedtime story the answer is yes. They are only going to be little for such a short moment. Snuggles and monster spray will only work to cure nightmares for a little longer and for a glimpse in time they will trust us unwaveringly and will completely love. Ladybug is already 4 and dreaming of kindergarten and lil Giraffe will be 2 in a week and half. So much time has already flown by so I plan to say yes as often as possible. To set aside the dishes or laundry, to walk away from pintrest or Facebook and to be present in all their sweet lil girl moments.

As part of my saying yes, today we had a tea part complete with color flavored water tea with cheese and crackers. It was a blast to watch them get excited about eating normal foods on fun dishes. Listening to them talk about their days adventures in posh little accents and delicately pour more "tea" was a rewarding moment that will easily become one of my fondest memories. I hope to create more of these memories to fill the girls and my futures full. So say "yes" to someone today. Instead of "in a minute" or "after this" just give in and do it. You will be happily surprised at how good you feel afterwards.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Friday, March 1, 2013


Today is Hubbins' birthday! Since he's not huge on birthdays, I kinda make it my job to make him enjoy today. He sees it as one year older but I see it has one more year together. His birthday has a special significance since it was the day five years ago we started hanging out. We started our adventure. So for me I embrace each year of his life. I am selfish and want 80 years together. I want to grow old and celebrate our "over the hill" days together.

Hubbins is such an incredible man. He is my rock and strength. My king of the nerds....or is it Greek??!! He makes me laugh and brights all my gray days. So baby, I know you may not be super excited for one more year, but I am for you! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, LOVE OF MY LIFE!