I recently started reading the blog "Enjoying the Simple Things." (I will try to remember to get online and add a link). Anyway, the blog and her book "bloom" have touched my heart in the most extraordinary of ways. I've begun to see life and people differently. Not in a bad way but in this sunshiny and rainbows kinda way. She has given the world access to such strong emotions and miraculous memories. Anyway, she writes about her entire family and their journey with Down Syndrome and since today is national Down Syndrome awareness day I wanted to share not only her blog but what I have learned from it.

Yes, there are many struggles when it comes to Down syndrome but there is also great joy and strength as well. Some of my fondest high school memories are volunteering in the Learning Center my senior year. It is the program for special need kids at one of my high schools. The experience was so rewarding and eye opening. Two of the kids had Down syndrome and the way they embraced all of life was astonishing. They constantly smiled and looked at their world as perfect and wonderful. They left such deep marks on my heart and as I look back and remember the moments teaching and assisting them, I feel blessed to have experienced it all.

We should always remember that different is good. Perhaps even magical. I believe that God has blessed the world with these special souls to show us how to embrace life. How to believe in good always and seek love. Because yes their are struggles but I have yet to see an person of any means who doesn't struggle. So today help spread the word.


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