Children's museum field trip

I had started a very long post about all the fun the girls and I had on Bug's class field trip yesterday and then the blogger app erased it all. Grrrrr...... So this is going to be a little shorter.

One of the joys of being primarily home is participating in all of Ladybug's fun school activities, especially field trips. The excitement is very contagious and at times I feel like a kid again. The anticipation for this particular field trip had been building for weeks since it was too one of the kids favorite places. The children's museum is basically a giant open room (two rooms if you remember to go upstairs) filled with various "learning through play" activities. Since its also indoors, the museum is a favorite around here.

The class had a blast running from one area to the next. Ladybug quickly discovered dress up and put on a fashion show with friends. Other kids played with the car ramps, put on puppet shows or gave away money at the bank. The clear favorites however were the doctor area and "pirate" ship. I am pretty sure Ladybug could easily end up in the medical field. She LOVES to play doctor and is really very smart when it comes to it. Lil Giraffe just loved to pretend to drive a fire truck and sail the ship. She really had more fun playing on everything imaginable.

It was a great afternoon followed by some one on one with lil giraffe while daddy and ladybug went to a friends to work on the car.


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