Happy Birthday, Lil Giraffe!

Dear Lil Giraffe,

Wow, 2yrs old! I can't believe how quickly time has flown by. I remember every moment of the week leading up to your birth, the excitement and the worry. The moment the doctor announced I would be induced four weeks early, and how over joyed I was to meet you early and all the worries of the million things that could go wrong. I learned quickly that I didn't need to worry. You my lil Giraffe are a stubborn and feisty little girl, and like the special day that shares your birthday, you are a lucky charm. You were born perfect and happy!
March 17th, 2010// Hours old

I've heard other parents say how they have an unique relationship with one of their kids and I suppose that is true. I know that my relationship with you unique and special (just like the one with your sister is in its own way). In the last two years you have taught me a new level of patience and love. You are my cuddlier and lover. Always wanting one more kiss or hug, but as we begin to enter the toddler years I know that you will become more independent. You already are. Lil Giraffe, you want to take on the world already, and you are strong, feisty, stubborn and smart. I have no doubts you will be able to do so one day. But for now, mama would appreciate if you let me help you more. You seem to be growing up faster than your sister did. So quick to do what she does and so willing to become a big girl. Although, last night you helped make my heart grow again. Leaving a friend's house you grabbed my hand and said "I mommy's baby." You are and always will be.

After having your sister, I didn't think my heart could grow any bigger or stretch anymore. And then I held you in my arms and our eyes connected. My simply doubled to create more room for the love I have for you. I look so forward to watching you grow and seeing the woman you will become! I know that my heart will continue to grow with all the love I gain each day from you and your sister and nothing will ever change that.

So today, Lil Giraffe, I will hold you a little longer, snuggle you a little tighter, and shower you with kisses. I will smell your sweet baby smell and memorize all your wonderfully emotional faces. I will hold on to my baby and embrace the toddler you are becoming. Happy Birthday!

I love you, Lil Giraffe!

Love, Mommy

Lil 2yr old!


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