Nap time

Nap time has begun to take on a new and wonderful level of joy for me. With the best of intentions, I always lay both little girls down for a nap together. Ladybug does in fact still need a nap since she gets very cranky around 5p without one, however she has a very sneaky (and I have not yet figured out how, nor do I really try too) way of sneaking back out to the living room for some one on one snuggle time. We talk and play or watch a show together. The couple of hours are filled with laughter and love. I always loved nap time because not only did it give the girls a chance to recharge, but I was able to do so as well. Now however, I look forward to weekend nap time. I get excited for ladybug and my mommy/daughter time.

I love both my girls equally and with all my heart. But I do so love the time I get to spend with each one on their own. They become completely new children and their personality shines through. I have worked hard on my mommy guilt. On remembering that I need me time or that it's ok to not be perfect always. Lately, it's about finding balance with the girls. I work on the guilt of not being fair with my time or not showing each of them how important and needed they are to me. I have to remind myself that it's good, even great for them to have some solo time with mommy or daddy. That I am a better parent for giving them each their moment to shine and bond. So, nap time is quickly becoming Ladybug time and its a whole new level of bliss.


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