Oh spring how I am ready for you!

I am usually a winter lover. The snow, the layers of clothes and oh the hats and scarves. I truly love winter weather and would simply cry if we ever move to a place that doesn't have it. That being said, this winter has be awful. First off, Mother Nature needs to make up her mind. Either have an easy winter or a harsh one. No more back and forth, up and down craziness. And two, I would be oh so appreciative some in between weather. You know the kind where there is snow everywhere, and people can bundle up to make snowmen and angels. Weather that is cold enough to get the snow the perfect snowball and fort building consistency but warm enough you won't have hyperthermia after ten seconds of going outside. I want so badly to take the girls sledding and build a little white fluffy family. Spends an hour or two giggling and digging tunnels through the snow drifts. Alas, this winter has not allowed any real snow fun (unless you snowboard or ski ). We have either had insane freezing blizzards or warm melting weather.

I have begun to yearn for spring. Long walks along the river, hours at the park, and picnics. I am a true sucker for a picnic! I want to go exploring the mountains and camping. Oh how I want to take a camping trip. Find a farm or ranch with baby animals to let the girls "oh"and "ah" over and see the ducklings at the pond. Having Easter so early this year makes me want spring time that much more. So to help my craving, I am embarking on spring cleaning and will go get fun flowers to decorate my house. I will dress the girls and myself in yellows and pastels. On warmish days, I will throw on coats and spend some time by the river. And soon, oh so very soon, spring will begin to break through.


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