Saying yes and tea party pics

In the midst of all the crazy, I have started being adamant about saying "yes" to the girls. If they ask for a tea party or to go to the park. The answer is yes. If they ask for one more bedtime story the answer is yes. They are only going to be little for such a short moment. Snuggles and monster spray will only work to cure nightmares for a little longer and for a glimpse in time they will trust us unwaveringly and will completely love. Ladybug is already 4 and dreaming of kindergarten and lil Giraffe will be 2 in a week and half. So much time has already flown by so I plan to say yes as often as possible. To set aside the dishes or laundry, to walk away from pintrest or Facebook and to be present in all their sweet lil girl moments.

As part of my saying yes, today we had a tea part complete with color flavored water tea with cheese and crackers. It was a blast to watch them get excited about eating normal foods on fun dishes. Listening to them talk about their days adventures in posh little accents and delicately pour more "tea" was a rewarding moment that will easily become one of my fondest memories. I hope to create more of these memories to fill the girls and my futures full. So say "yes" to someone today. Instead of "in a minute" or "after this" just give in and do it. You will be happily surprised at how good you feel afterwards.


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