The terribly terrific twos

I am not a perfect mom nor do I pretend that I am. So in turn, I don't expect to have perfect kids. That would be massively boring anyway. However, today, oh today how I wish that for just five minutes, my very fiesty lil almost 2yr old would be calm and easy. No, I have a stubborn, ornery, wanna be redhead. One moment she is jumping from her sister's headboard to an inch away from sister's sleeping head and the next she is sweetly snuggled in daddy's chair reading a story. She switched from full blown trantrum to smiling sweet heart quicker than a pregnant woman. I love her and she keeps me amused and forever in motion, but oh do I miss her sweet snuggle baby days.

There really is no reason for this post by the way. Except that I want to remember the crazy gray hair creating days as much as the sunshine and lollipop days. Because I know they won't last too much longer and I will miss these times.


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