Raising Blondes with Redhead Attitude

Raising Blondes with Redhead Attitude

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Happy Anniversary, love of my life!!!!!

Sometimes it feels like, I’m gonna break

Sometimes this world, gives more than I can take

Sometimes, sunshine gets lost in the rain

And it keeps pouring down

It just keeps coming down.

This life would kill me If I didn’t have you

I couldn’t live without you baby

I wouldn’t want to

If you didn’t love me so much

I’d never make it through

‘Cuz this life would kill me

This life would kill me if I didn’t have you.

You are my heart, every breath I breathe

I’m safe in your arms, you rescue me.

When I’m weak, you’re strong

If you were gone I don’t know where I’d be

You were made for me

(You were made for me)

This life would kill me If I didn’t have you

I couldn’t live without you baby

I wouldn’t want to

If you didn’t love me so much

I’d never make it through

‘Cuz this life would kill me

This life would kill me if I didn’t have you

If you didn’t love me so much

(If you didn’t love me so much)

This Life would kill me If I didn’t have you

(This life would kill me)

Couldn’t live without you baby

I wouldn’t want to

If you didn’t love me so much

I’d never make it through

‘Cuz This life would kill me

This Life would kill me if I didn’t have you

More lyrics: http://www.lyricsmode.com/lyrics/t/thompson_square/

My very FAVORITE photo of us! Back when we were dating

Our wedding night 05/01/2010

Our first wedding anniversary!!!

Five years togerher and still falling madly in love each day!

Monday, April 29, 2013

2+3 Happy early anniversary

Hubbins and I are celebrating 5yrs together, with 3 of them married, this Wed. May 1st. I'm not going to lie, I feel exhilarated and over joyed to make this mile stone! Fiver years madly in love!!! Five years of ups, downs, and sideways moments. I know that our adventure is just starting and that we have many many many more years to go. But  I want to celebrate this moment. To spend the day reliving all the beautiful moments of our time together and dreaming about moments to come.
He truly is my soul mate and other half (I can't say better because we seem to complement each other so seamlessly.) He's my best friend and the person who I run to whenever I need a hug, to talk, to listen or simply to just be. Since, I plan to be busy on the actual day loving my husband I am writing this now.

Dear Scott,

Happy 3yrs, hubbins! I love you more and more as time goes on and some days I feel like my heart will simply explode with all the love multiplying. Life hasn't always been the easiest and though I have no doubts we were meant to find each other, I also believe we picked the most difficult path to follow. That being said, I wouldn't change a millisecond of time.

This year has brought with it so much joy and struggle. But you are my rock, my safe place. I know that we will get through this latest speed bump in time and that as long as we have faith in our love, family and dreams we can conquer anything! Scott, you are the most amazing man. Your heart and spirit inspire me everyday. You bring me courage to follow my dreams (as soon as I figure out what those are.) You give me the strength to trust in our luck and future. You remind me to be happy and focus on the positive things. You truly are my perfect match.

I don't know what tomorrow will bring or next year, but I know that as long as we continue walking our path. As long as I can hold your hand as we stroll through time, we will have the most amazing journey. I don't say it often because, my heart is already so certain of our love that I don't feel the need to convince others with constant ramblings. But this week, I want to shout it from the roof tops and scream it over the web that we have a special and crazy wonderful love!!!!

I love you, bunches, and bunches, and boot fulls!!!!!!!

Love always,
Your wife

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Saturday photo day.

This post is basically going to be a photo post. It's been such a busy and blessed couple of weeks and I wanted to share a few of those small magical moments. Also we did pictures of the girls in my wedding dress. I want to share my very favorites. (Please do not save or copy any of these pictures!!!!!!)

Sunday, April 21, 2013

I sit here in pure bliss. It's been an amazing Sunday. It snowed last night, which I know seems like this awful thing. But really, I love the snow. The beauty and grace it can have while at the same time being powerful and majestic. I love seeing the town (any town really) covered in a pure white sheet of snow. It erases all the marks of wear and tear and equals everything out. It peaceful and magical to me. I long for spring and taking the girls exploring in the mountains but today I am very very happy with the glistening snow.

Of course, snow on the ground lead to chili and a movie night. Which then lead to a slumber party in the living room and sister giggles. There's we're board games and card games after I got off work and story books and storied from the girls. A visit from Papa for dinner and love. So much love. I'm not going to lie. We aren't church goers. Not really anyway. We try to be and sometimes even make it. However, if we are honest church isn't our Sunday priority. That doesn't mean we don't worship all the good things God has done and feel thankful for the many blessings. We do in our own way. I feel closer to him when I am playing with our girls or enjoying the wonders of nature. I feel connected and grateful when my house and heart are filled with love and laughter. This is our Sunday service. The girls playing and their bond growing stronger. Hubbins and my love taking on a new level and enduring life's many challenges. The embrace of family and friends.

I often wonder what I am suppose to teach our girls. What exactly do I want them to learn about God and religion. I don't know that I will find answers at church or in the Bible. I don't want the girls to grow up judging people who are different. People who believe something else or feel something else. I want them to remember to do good and give whenever they can. For now that's what I know and I as I grow in my journey, I am sure to find more answers. But for now I will be thankful for my many many blessings both big and small.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Life has been full of up's and down's the last couple of weeks. I am learning to remember and embrace all the little joys through out the day. This weekend was full of those moments. Saturday we meant up with my brother and sis-in-law-to-be and took all the kiddos, including a friend of the kiddos, to the circus. It was SO much fun and such a stress reliever. It was nice to just take a breather and have an old fashion good time with everyone. All the kids were mesmerized by each different act that preformed and the magic of being a kid was contagious as even the adults got in on the laughter and fun. My brother by far seemed to have the best of the best times. Ladybug and the boys (minus my youngest nephew, plus my brother) got to ride on an elephant, while lil Giraffe and my little nephew got to ride on ponies after the show. The rides were the high light of the day for sure. Though getting pictures with the clowns was a close second.

I love going to these kind of events with the girls. They bring back childhood memories and all the wonder I had back then. I get to not only experience them as an adult but through the eyes of my sweet little ladies. I love building these memories with our children and reliving the ones from my childhood. I want to show them how to love and live big. Not just in the big deals of life, like circuses, parties, fairs, ext..... But also in the small moments. Its important to embrace those blink of the eye moments and cherish them as though they were life altering. In so many ways they really are. How often do we forget to think about or stop and take in all those moments that make up day to day life? How often in our rush to get to the next big thing do we pass over a moment that would have become the gold ticket of our life?

I've tried so hard this year to embrace and savor those moments. The kisses good bye every time someone leaves the house, the way a small hand will sneak into mine while we are out and about. Or the "Mommy, I had a bad dream, can I snuggle with you?" nights. Its so easy to say no, and monsters aren't real. But the girls will only be small for so long, they will only want extra cuddles and good bye loves for so much longer. So, I am trying so hard to carve these moments into stone. To forget that I have a giant to-do list or a billion and one things that need my attention, because in those moments none of it matters. I am a mommy with two beautiful little girls who love me unconditionally.

My little ring master

Celebrating her cousin's Bday

Elephant fun

Loving her style (excuse the mess)

At the circus

Silly wake up's

She wanted a silly face

I just love her silly


Wednesday, April 10, 2013

This is what my nights have looked like this past weeks. At least until 1am when my husband takes over (I am very thankful for his insomnia when the girls are sick). I do hate when they get sick. It makes my heart break for them to be hurting and I feel so helpless. But oh boy, do I love all the snuggles.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Monday morning ramble

Call me crazy but I like Monday mornings. Not the going back to work part exactly, though a little bit. Yes, Mondays seem to be crazier and more frustrating than the rest of the week. And letting go of the weekend buzz for the work week hangover is never any fun (at least for most people). But Mondays are a lot like spring for me. They are a promise of a new week with new possibilities and hopes. A new start in sorts. If I had a frustrating week (last week is a great example) then Monday gives me the chance to take on those obstacles differently or at least with a fresh prospective. During the weekend, we try to put finances, jobs and general adult stuff on the back burner. They are always present but we focus more on little girl giggles, long walks, movie nights and endless games of fetch. So, when Monday arrives I feel as though I can do this. I can accomplish that task.

This Monday is no different. Hubbins and I are stressed. There's a lot of hurry up and then wait going on for us at the moment. A lot prayers and finger crossings. A lot of crunching numbers me hoping. So we took yesterday off. Did some house work, played with the girls and just generally lived. So, on this Monday I am ready to go to work. I am ready to tackle my job while searching for the answer. I have hope and I am optimistic. Despite, the snow that feel last night. Or maybe because of it. Another random trait. I LOVE the snow. It's like wiping your slate clean and starting new. So that the flowers we plant can bloom with the promise of spring and rebirth.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Thursday, April 4, 2013

So many words....

As most of you may know by now CPI, the owners of the Walmart and Sears studios has closed their US branch as of Wednesday night. It was a heart wrenching shock to many people, our family included. I have so many negative and hateful things I could say about that company. From their lies and leading employees on to the selfish act of simply going black with no warning to employees. I am however trying to be positive and focus on creating the next chapter in our lives. To use my time with the better purpose of praying for all those affected.

I gave myself 24hrs. I assumed I would need to curl up in bed or do something mind numbing and inwardly melt down. I want to give my self a chance to mourn the loss of our financial security and be furious with the injustice of it all. However, the last 24 hours has shown me how truly blessed and lucky we are. The support that our little family has received by so many is encouraging and reminds me to have hope. I know we will get through this speed bump. Hubbins and I are strong and stubborn. We have an uncanny luck. We have friends and family willing to help, even if its just to listen while we vent. But most importantly we have two little girls. Little girls who even on the grayest of days makes the sun come out and dance. For them, we have to get through. For them, we have to come out stronger and be better. So, I am putting my big girl pants on and we are going to!

To the people affected by this, the employees without jobs, my heart and prayers go out to you all. I never thought something like this would happen to us so I am sure you feel the same. And to anyone in the Great Falls area looking for a photographer, I would happily recommend. J Scoff Imagery. http://www.jscottimagery.com/

And because I want to end this on a happier note here are a few pics from the girls and my park adventure.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter Weekend 2013

Easter it's self was a very low key day. Hubbins had to work so for the most part it was just the girls and I. We did get to go have brunch at the Montana Club with Yaya, my brother and his wonderful fiancé. The buffet was AMAZING and worth every penny but the laughter was something I'll treasure. I love hanging out with them (even when uncle critter is tormenting one of his nieces.) After that the girls and I napped until Hubbins came home. Then it was time for a walk along the river and movie night. It was actually the perfect way to spend the day since the rest of the weekend was filled with craziness.

So I'll back track. Friday night I threw my sis in law to be a baby shower. It was so much fun to plan and create a memorable night for her. She's a truly amazing and wonderful person on many different levels. She will be a wonderful mom and has proven this by being a superb bonus mom to my nephews. I can't wait to meet my niece and spoil her with love and kisses.

Then Saturday was Lil Giraffe's birthday party. I have learned over the years that doing presents and cake first is the best. Then the kids can play and be crazy to their own content and adults can talk and catch up. This party was no different. Once all the kiddos arrived crazy became the name of the game with laughter the song of choice. Boy did Jozy make out though. She is one lucky lil 2 year old!