2+3 Happy early anniversary

Hubbins and I are celebrating 5yrs together, with 3 of them married, this Wed. May 1st. I'm not going to lie, I feel exhilarated and over joyed to make this mile stone! Fiver years madly in love!!! Five years of ups, downs, and sideways moments. I know that our adventure is just starting and that we have many many many more years to go. But  I want to celebrate this moment. To spend the day reliving all the beautiful moments of our time together and dreaming about moments to come.
He truly is my soul mate and other half (I can't say better because we seem to complement each other so seamlessly.) He's my best friend and the person who I run to whenever I need a hug, to talk, to listen or simply to just be. Since, I plan to be busy on the actual day loving my husband I am writing this now.

Dear Scott,

Happy 3yrs, hubbins! I love you more and more as time goes on and some days I feel like my heart will simply explode with all the love multiplying. Life hasn't always been the easiest and though I have no doubts we were meant to find each other, I also believe we picked the most difficult path to follow. That being said, I wouldn't change a millisecond of time.

This year has brought with it so much joy and struggle. But you are my rock, my safe place. I know that we will get through this latest speed bump in time and that as long as we have faith in our love, family and dreams we can conquer anything! Scott, you are the most amazing man. Your heart and spirit inspire me everyday. You bring me courage to follow my dreams (as soon as I figure out what those are.) You give me the strength to trust in our luck and future. You remind me to be happy and focus on the positive things. You truly are my perfect match.

I don't know what tomorrow will bring or next year, but I know that as long as we continue walking our path. As long as I can hold your hand as we stroll through time, we will have the most amazing journey. I don't say it often because, my heart is already so certain of our love that I don't feel the need to convince others with constant ramblings. But this week, I want to shout it from the roof tops and scream it over the web that we have a special and crazy wonderful love!!!!

I love you, bunches, and bunches, and boot fulls!!!!!!!

Love always,
Your wife


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