Easter Weekend 2013

Easter it's self was a very low key day. Hubbins had to work so for the most part it was just the girls and I. We did get to go have brunch at the Montana Club with Yaya, my brother and his wonderful fiancé. The buffet was AMAZING and worth every penny but the laughter was something I'll treasure. I love hanging out with them (even when uncle critter is tormenting one of his nieces.) After that the girls and I napped until Hubbins came home. Then it was time for a walk along the river and movie night. It was actually the perfect way to spend the day since the rest of the weekend was filled with craziness.

So I'll back track. Friday night I threw my sis in law to be a baby shower. It was so much fun to plan and create a memorable night for her. She's a truly amazing and wonderful person on many different levels. She will be a wonderful mom and has proven this by being a superb bonus mom to my nephews. I can't wait to meet my niece and spoil her with love and kisses.

Then Saturday was Lil Giraffe's birthday party. I have learned over the years that doing presents and cake first is the best. Then the kids can play and be crazy to their own content and adults can talk and catch up. This party was no different. Once all the kiddos arrived crazy became the name of the game with laughter the song of choice. Boy did Jozy make out though. She is one lucky lil 2 year old!


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