I sit here in pure bliss. It's been an amazing Sunday. It snowed last night, which I know seems like this awful thing. But really, I love the snow. The beauty and grace it can have while at the same time being powerful and majestic. I love seeing the town (any town really) covered in a pure white sheet of snow. It erases all the marks of wear and tear and equals everything out. It peaceful and magical to me. I long for spring and taking the girls exploring in the mountains but today I am very very happy with the glistening snow.

Of course, snow on the ground lead to chili and a movie night. Which then lead to a slumber party in the living room and sister giggles. There's we're board games and card games after I got off work and story books and storied from the girls. A visit from Papa for dinner and love. So much love. I'm not going to lie. We aren't church goers. Not really anyway. We try to be and sometimes even make it. However, if we are honest church isn't our Sunday priority. That doesn't mean we don't worship all the good things God has done and feel thankful for the many blessings. We do in our own way. I feel closer to him when I am playing with our girls or enjoying the wonders of nature. I feel connected and grateful when my house and heart are filled with love and laughter. This is our Sunday service. The girls playing and their bond growing stronger. Hubbins and my love taking on a new level and enduring life's many challenges. The embrace of family and friends.

I often wonder what I am suppose to teach our girls. What exactly do I want them to learn about God and religion. I don't know that I will find answers at church or in the Bible. I don't want the girls to grow up judging people who are different. People who believe something else or feel something else. I want them to remember to do good and give whenever they can. For now that's what I know and I as I grow in my journey, I am sure to find more answers. But for now I will be thankful for my many many blessings both big and small.


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