Life has been full of up's and down's the last couple of weeks. I am learning to remember and embrace all the little joys through out the day. This weekend was full of those moments. Saturday we meant up with my brother and sis-in-law-to-be and took all the kiddos, including a friend of the kiddos, to the circus. It was SO much fun and such a stress reliever. It was nice to just take a breather and have an old fashion good time with everyone. All the kids were mesmerized by each different act that preformed and the magic of being a kid was contagious as even the adults got in on the laughter and fun. My brother by far seemed to have the best of the best times. Ladybug and the boys (minus my youngest nephew, plus my brother) got to ride on an elephant, while lil Giraffe and my little nephew got to ride on ponies after the show. The rides were the high light of the day for sure. Though getting pictures with the clowns was a close second.

I love going to these kind of events with the girls. They bring back childhood memories and all the wonder I had back then. I get to not only experience them as an adult but through the eyes of my sweet little ladies. I love building these memories with our children and reliving the ones from my childhood. I want to show them how to love and live big. Not just in the big deals of life, like circuses, parties, fairs, ext..... But also in the small moments. Its important to embrace those blink of the eye moments and cherish them as though they were life altering. In so many ways they really are. How often do we forget to think about or stop and take in all those moments that make up day to day life? How often in our rush to get to the next big thing do we pass over a moment that would have become the gold ticket of our life?

I've tried so hard this year to embrace and savor those moments. The kisses good bye every time someone leaves the house, the way a small hand will sneak into mine while we are out and about. Or the "Mommy, I had a bad dream, can I snuggle with you?" nights. Its so easy to say no, and monsters aren't real. But the girls will only be small for so long, they will only want extra cuddles and good bye loves for so much longer. So, I am trying so hard to carve these moments into stone. To forget that I have a giant to-do list or a billion and one things that need my attention, because in those moments none of it matters. I am a mommy with two beautiful little girls who love me unconditionally.

My little ring master

Celebrating her cousin's Bday

Elephant fun

Loving her style (excuse the mess)

At the circus

Silly wake up's

She wanted a silly face

I just love her silly


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