Monday morning ramble

Call me crazy but I like Monday mornings. Not the going back to work part exactly, though a little bit. Yes, Mondays seem to be crazier and more frustrating than the rest of the week. And letting go of the weekend buzz for the work week hangover is never any fun (at least for most people). But Mondays are a lot like spring for me. They are a promise of a new week with new possibilities and hopes. A new start in sorts. If I had a frustrating week (last week is a great example) then Monday gives me the chance to take on those obstacles differently or at least with a fresh prospective. During the weekend, we try to put finances, jobs and general adult stuff on the back burner. They are always present but we focus more on little girl giggles, long walks, movie nights and endless games of fetch. So, when Monday arrives I feel as though I can do this. I can accomplish that task.

This Monday is no different. Hubbins and I are stressed. There's a lot of hurry up and then wait going on for us at the moment. A lot prayers and finger crossings. A lot of crunching numbers me hoping. So we took yesterday off. Did some house work, played with the girls and just generally lived. So, on this Monday I am ready to go to work. I am ready to tackle my job while searching for the answer. I have hope and I am optimistic. Despite, the snow that feel last night. Or maybe because of it. Another random trait. I LOVE the snow. It's like wiping your slate clean and starting new. So that the flowers we plant can bloom with the promise of spring and rebirth.


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