Mother's Day 2013

Mother's day was soooo relaxing and enjoyable this year. After switching plans, and indecisiveness, we finally settled for plan D or E. We hit the road and headed toward Helena to find a picnic spot and spend some non-electronic time away. It was by far one of the best days and I truly enjoyed just being with our lil family. Since, pictures are worth a 1000 words, I am going to keep this short and just share some of my favorites!

The Beautiful Views
Showing Ladybug how to shoot. She loved it by the way!!!!!!!

How cute are these feet dangling in the water????? 

Mommy and Bug's feet

Sister pics. They are the meaning of my life and the best gift was 
getting to be their mommy!

We found this abandoned inn and mattresses that spell out "love"
It was such a cool place and the girls were so excited to find a real

Relaxing on the way home! She was so chill! 

All in all, the day was perfect and I loved having a spontaneous adventure with our family. This will be something we do more often that is for sure!


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