Mumble mess.

Ahhhhh..... It's been a roller coaster weekend and my head is a jumbled mess. So, bare with me as this post is bound to be spastic. Truthfully, Im not sure what to write or say. Which is a struggle for me since writing has always been my outlet. I hate being "pen"-tied. It's very frustrating and annoying. So, I am going to stop staring at the screen since its been an hour already. I do want to wish my Dad an awesome late Father's Day. You have proven yet again how strong and awesome you are this weekend. I am very grateful to have you as a dad and the girls to have you as Papa. And also to Hubbins. You are such an amazing daddy to the girls and they are so blessed. I couldn't imagine a better pattern in raising our kids. Thanks for always having my back with them and being there to support me in our journey as parents. 

I know I have more to say but can't really figure out what so I am leaving it for the moment. 


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